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What our Pore-fecting Serum does for your skin:
Minimizes appearance of pores
Controls sebum production
Promotes hydration
Evens complexion
Improves texture

Why it is special:
Our Pore-fecting Serum is made with the skincare cult favourite, Niacinamide at 10% concentration and paired with N-acetyl glucosamine and green tea to give dramatic effects in balancing sebum production, calming inflammation, brightening the skin, improving texture, preventing trans-epidermal water loss and fighting free radical damage.

Key Ingredients:
10% Niacinamide
Hyaluronic acid
Green tea

How to use:
Apply 2 pumps or more on clean face and neck. Follow up with a moisturizer to seal. Always apply SPF 30+ during the day for best results.

Cleanse ►Tone ►Hydrate ►Pore-fecting serum ►Moisturize

When to use:
Day & Night

Frequency of use:

Skin type it is suitable for:
All skin types

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